Tracks : Solo 12-string Guitar Instrumental Live in the Studio on a Martin D12-28 from Dave McDowell

Posted by thrasher | Intermediate | Wednesday 27 February 2013 4:00 pm

Recorded live at Shirk Music & Sound, Chicago, IL in May 2009. Music and video produced by Steve Shirk. Written and performed by Dave McDowell. When I first became interested (ok, obsessed) with playing the guitar, my parents were not too keen on the idea for fear I would turn into some kind of long-haired burnout (maybe they were right, since I did eventually flirt with long-hair, and some degree of burnout status, in my college years.) I bought my first guitar, a steel-string, acoustic Palmer, with money I earned mowing the lawn. But, the guitar had terribly high action. And, despite my parents springing for a few lessons at the local music shop, I really didn’t make any progress for the first year or so. I remember my Dad good-naturedly ribbing me as the guitar sat gathering dust in my room. In junior high, I had the opportunity to choose some elective classes — one of the options was Beginner Guitar. But, my Mom had other ideas — and I ended up in Intermediate Piano (I had taken piano lessons for a few years.) But, lo and behold, I showed up on the first day of Intermediate Piano and the teacher said a few magic words that probably changed the course of my life — “Intermediate Piano is full, would anyone like to volunteer for Beginner Guitar?” My hand shot up like a bolt. The guitars provided in Beginner Guitar had nylon-strings, so they were much easier to play than my Palmer. And, I met other budding guitar players — some of whom even had electric guitars. They

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